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OEM Module SpO2+2T MAXI 2301.A4

OEM Module SpO2+2T MAXI 2301.A4

OEM Module SpO2 +2T MAXI 2301.A4 is intended for permanent determination SpO2 and pulse rate by measuring the attitude of indexes of amplitude modulation, sinphasely modulated optical signals in 2 spectral ranges and rate of modulation of these signals, moved (transported) threw the pulsating blood in patient’s finger. Also it’s intended for measuring the temperature of patient body in 2 spots (T1, T2).

Transportation of the data in to the main system is realizing threw the consecutive interface RS 232 TTL.

Protection from electrosurgical instruments and defibrillator.



  • Pulse rate: 12-300 bpm
  • Accuracy of measurement: ± 1 bpm
  • Saturation (SpO2): 0-100%
  • Accuracy of measurement: ±2% (70-100%)
  • Temperature (T1+T2): 20,1 – 44,0 C
  • Accuracy of measurement: ± 0,2 C
  • Size: 90mm x 48mm x 13mm

Variants of the modules:

Maxi 2002.B4


Maxi 3001.A1


Maxi 2301.A1

SpO2 + 2T